About our company

Other marketing agencies have ‘secret formulas’….‘proprietary 5-step systems’…cookie-cutter programs they insist will work for every client.

But you’re different – and your business is different.

At Manoula Marketing, we cater to those who have created their own niche…to those who are redefining their industries…to those who are blazing new trails and creating real change.

The last thing you want is a cookie-cutter marketing system. You need a marketing partner who’s as crazy as you are, who’s just as willing to break molds and smash norms – and who knows how to get the results you’re looking for.

So what’s our secret formula?

Our Award-Winning CEO and Founder

Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg

Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg gained years of big-agency marketing experience working with large corporations and major media outlets as VP of Content Marketing at Zen Media in Dallas before branching out to start Manoula Marketing.

She’s spoken at seminars and given workshops on all different aspects of online marketing, and she’s ghostwritten two popular books on digital marketing. She was also named to the Top Ten in Ignite Visibility’s “Courageous Marketing Leader Awards – Honoring the Boldest in Marketing in 2020.”