Case Studies

How We Created Explosive Growth in a Disruptive EdTech Company’s Affiliate Program

PROBLEM: An innovative edtech startup had launched an affiliate program years ago, but had abandoned it in favor of other marketing and advertising methods.  Their CEO contracted with Manoula Marketing to breathe life back into their dormant program and begin driving sales through performance marketing, in order to cut down on ad costs and take advantage of this model of marketing.

SOLUTION: Manoula Marketing reached out to this company’s existing affiliates to rebuild the relationships that had lapsed, through regular newsletters, a new affiliate Facebook group, and personal outreach, as well as recruiting new affiliates via our various networks.  We worked to activate affiliates through regular communication, training, incentives, and intensive support, to make it easy for them to promote our client’s brand.  In less than a year’s time, we had tripled the number of overall affiliates and increased the number of active affiliates tenfold.

RESULTS: Manoula Marketing completely revived this visionary company’s affiliate program, and with a newly enthusiastic army of affiliates behind us, we skyrocketed sales through their affiliate program, from $0 in revenue to consistent 5-figure months, within a year.


How We Funneled New Student After New Student into a Unique Private School

PROBLEM: Oak Hill Academy is a private school with a unique focus – they serve children with special needs, such as autism, and speech and language delays.  Faculty, staff, and parents considered them Dallas’ best-kept secret for children with special needs, so they contracted with Manoula Marketing to get the word out about the amazing work that they do, so that they could help even more children thrive.

SOLUTION: Manoula Marketing researched and joined every local Facebook group for parents of children that fit Oak Hill’s target audience. Whenever anyone asked about local school options, we would share information about OHA.  Often, this resulted in parents reaching out to our team directly through PMs and even phone calls for more information, which we gladly supplied.  We helped them sign up for tours of the school and meetings with the admissions stafff.

RESULTS: Manoula Marketing was directly responsible for multiple families registering their children as students, at this school where the annual tuition costs run $20,000 for elementary school and $30,000 for high school.


How We Skyrocketed Annual Sales for an Innovative Dental Supplier

PROBLEM: Molar Media Mount provides inventive patient entertainment devices to dentists’ offices.  Sales of their flagship product were steady, but not yet at the level they wanted.  They had partnered with multiple different agencies and hadn’t gotten the results they had hoped for, so they contracted with Manoula Marketing to get more visibility.

SOLUTION: Manoula Marketing secured spots on several dental podcasts for Molar Media Mount’s CEO, as well as getting him featured in multiple dental publications and dentist Facebook groups.  Through strategic paid ads on Facebook and Google, as well as social media, email, and content marketing, we exponentially increased awareness of the Molar Media Mount brand among dentists.

RESULTS: In the first 6 months we worked with them, Manoula Marketing increased Molar Media Mount’s annual sales by 29% over the prior year.  After working with them for another year, we boosted their sales by an additional 15% over the previous year, for a 45% total increase in annual sales after 18 months of working together.